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Dritz Drawstring Threader

Dritz Drawstring Threader

Code: Dritz-Drawstring-Threader-235


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Product Description



For openings 1/4 inch or larger. May not work on casings with small eyelet openings.

  1. Thread drawstring through either eye, or weave through both eyes to hold tightly.
  2. Insert blunt end of threader into casing. Pull threader through casing until drawstring is completely threaded in casing.
About this Product: 
  • Great for replacing or adding drawstrings to hoods, bags and totes, activewear and loungewear
  • Easy to use
  • Two size eyes will hold most drawstrings
Quantity: 1
Size: 23 in (58.24 cm)
Item Number: 235
UPC: 072879262292